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Chemical Composition of Environmental Components in the Area of the Belaya Zima Ta–Nb Deposit, Eastern Sayan Range, Irkutsk Region


New data on the chemical composition of environmental components have been obtained for the Belaya Zima Ta–Nb deposit. As follows from these data, the soils are rich in ore and associated elements, which are inherited from the parent rocks. Elevated abundances of radioactive elements in the soils, parent rocks, and their decay products result in higher background radiation. With regard to the environmental components and radioactive elements, the environmental situation on the deposit is unfavorable. Our data on the chemical composition of environmental components can be used as input information for environmental monitoring if the development of this deposit is resumed.

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The authors thank researchers at the Vinogradov Institute of Geochemistry, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, who took part in these studies.


This study was supported by Program FNI 127 of the Russian Science Foundation, Project IGKh SO RAN no. 0350-2016-0027.

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  • Ta–Nb deposit
  • chemical composition
  • rocks
  • soils
  • surface waters