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Geochemistry, Tectonic Settings, and Age of Metavolcanic Rocks of the Isakovskii Terrane, Yenisei Range: Indicators of the Early Evolution of the Paleo-Asian Ocean

  • I. I. Likhanov
  • A. D. Nozhkin


The geodynamic nature of the Late Neoproterozoic island-arc dacites (691 ± 8.8 Ma) and rift basalts (572 ± 6.5 Ma) of the Kiselikhinskaya Formation, Kutukasskaya Group, in the Isakovskii terrane is inferred from geochemical data and U–Pb zircon (SHRIMP-II) dates. The volcanic rocks were produced during the late evolutionary history of the Yenisei Range, starting at the origin of oceanic crustal fragments and their accretion to the Siberian craton to the postaccretionary crustal extension and the onset of the Caledonian orogenesis. The reproduced sequence of geological processes marks the early evolution of the Paleo- Asian Ocean in its junction zone with the Siberian craton. The data refine the composition and age of volcanic rocks in the trans-Angara part of the Yenisei Range and specifics of the Neoproterozoic evolution of the Sayan–Yenisei accretionary belt.


geochemistry metadacite basalt U–Pb dates Kutukasskaya Group Yenisei Range Paleo-Asian Ocean 


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