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Investigation of NACA2412 Airfoil Blade for Modelling, Simulation, and Experimental Validation


Rapidly growing needs for alternate fuels created an option for the sources like wind turbines. The choice of the airfoil blade for turbulence modelling, turbulence, and experimental validation is one of the most demanding phenomena required by researchers. Various airfoil blades have been presented earlier to evaluate turbulence models. The K–ω SST model is the most suitable for the NACA0012 airfoil blade and the Spalart–Allmaras model for the NACA0015 airfoil blade. In present study, the K–ε realizable model is adopted for the NACA2412 airfoil blade. The investigation of the stall conditions which have a notable variation between 12.5° < α < 15° has been performed. The values of the lift and drag coefficients are the most important features which are evaluated at various angles of attack. The experimental model of the NACA2412 airfoil blade is validated with the Xfoil predictions and the computational fluid dynamics results at Re = 3 × 105.

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