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Investigation of the Effect of Injection from a Yawed Plate with the Spanwise-Varied Base Pressure on the Disturbance Propagation in the Regime of Strong Interaction


Flow in the three-dimensional boundary layer on a yawed plate of finite length from which a gas is injection along the normal is considered in the case of the regime of strong viscous-inviscid interaction. In order to investigate the upstream disturbance propagation, the flow functions are expanded in four-term series in the neighborhood of the leading edge of plate under the assumption that the base pressure which depends on the transverse coordinate is given on the plate trailing edge. It is shown that these expansions contain an undefined function and its first and second derivatives with respect to the transverse coordinate. The corresponding boundary-value problems are formulated and numerically solved and the eigenvalues are found. It is shown that the possibility of downstream influence becomes significantly higher with increase in both the yawing angle and the intensity of gas injection. The influence of the constitutive parameters on the flow characteristics in the three-dimensional boundary layer is investigated.

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  • three-dimensional boundary layer
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