Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 43, Issue 4, pp 583–589 | Cite as

Numerical simulation of injection of a solvent into a production well under electromagnetic action

  • A. Ya. Davletbaev
  • L. A. Kovaleva
  • N. M. Nasyrov


The results of a theoretical investigation of the possibility of using powerful radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic (EM) radiation combined with solvent injection in high-viscosity oil fields for the purpose of intensifying oil recovery are given. A mathematical model of the three-stage stimulation of a high-viscosity oil pool is proposed. The model takes into account the cross-flow heat and mass transfer effects initiated by the movement of a multicomponent system through a porous medium under the action of an EM field. A comparative analysis of the results of calculations of the proposed combined method and its components (EM treatment of the reservoir bottomhole zone without solvent injection and “cold” displacement of oil by a solvent) is carried out.


radio-frequency electromagnetic field solvent cyclic action thermodiffusion energy balance 


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  • A. Ya. Davletbaev
  • L. A. Kovaleva
  • N. M. Nasyrov

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