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New or Little-Known Beetle Species (Coleoptera) of the Families Histeridae and Scarabaeidae in the Faunas of Ciscaucasia, Western and Southeastern Kazakhstan

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New data are presented on the distribution of Histeridae and Scarabaeidae in Russia and Kazakhstan. Three species, Pholioxenus schatzmayri J. Müller, 1910, Mendidaphodius linearis (Reiche et Saulcy, 1856), and Onthophagus ponticus Harold, 1883, are recorded from Kazakhstan for the first time, and one species, Atholus scutellaris (Erichson, 1834), is new to the fauna of Russia. The distribution ranges are refined for Microsaprinus therondianus (Dahlgren, 1973), Hypocacculus biskrensis (Marseul, 1876), Paravolvulus refector (Reitter, 1904), Hister megalonyx Reichardt, 1922, Bodilus longipennis (Rakovič, 1984), Protaetia cyanescens jacobsoni (Kiseritzky, 1910), and Valgus hemipterus (Linnaeus, 1758). All these species are distributed mainly in the four zoogeographical regions: Hesperian, European, Saharo-Gobian (Sethian), and Scythian.

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