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On two species of Diptera described by I. A. Portschinsky in 1876

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In 1876 I.A. Portschinsky described two species of Diptera: Urellia muscipora Portschinsky (Tephritidae) and Phlebotomus grimmi Portschinsky (Psychodidae–Phlebotominae). The former name is a senior synonym of Goniurellia tridens (Hendel, 1910), but it was not used as a valid name since 1876 and should be rejected according to Articles and of the ICZN. The name Phlebotomus grimmi was in use in 1926–1984 as a valid name and as a senior synonym of Ph. sergenti Parrot, 1917 or Ph. caucasicus Marzinovsky, 1917. It is necessary to appeal to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature to establish the status of Phlebotomus grimmi Portschinsky, 1876.

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