Entomological Review

, Volume 95, Issue 4, pp 525–535 | Cite as

New data on the Fauna and ecology of the Bristletail Family Machilidae (Thysanura) from the Caucasus

  • V. G. KaplinEmail author


New species, Trigoniophthalmus lineatus from Adygea and T. minor and T. setosus from Stavropol Territory, are described. The age-sexual structure of two populations of T. minor and five populations of T. setosus from the environs of Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, and Zheleznovodsk is analyzed. One species of the family Machilidae in one habitat of the forest ecosystems and four species in the meadow associations of the subalpine belt are considered.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Samara Agricultural AcademyUst-Kinelskii, Samara ProvinceRussia

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