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Description of new species of the genus Ctenochira Förster, 1855 (hymenoptera, ichneumonidae: Tryphoninae) from the Eurasian Subarctic subzone and Siberia, with remarks on the Ichneumonid fauna of the Chukchi Peninsula

  • D. R. KasparyanEmail author


13 new species of Ctenochira (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Tryphoninae) from the Eurasian Subarctic subzone and Siberia are described: C. albosignata sp. n., C. anabar sp. n., C. epipleuralis sp. n., C. gracilicornis sp. n., C. hyperborea sp. n., C. kerzhneri sp. n., C. laticauda sp. n., C. minuta sp. n., C. nigronitens sp. n., C. pallistigma sp. n., C. tixi sp. n., C. trochanterata sp. n., and C. uzon sp. n. A key to the Subarctic and northern Siberian species is given. Quantitative occurrence of different ichneumonid subfamilies in the Subarctic subzone is considered based on analysis of 827 specimens of ichneumonids collected in yellow plates in the Chukchi Autonomous Area in July 2012. Idiobiont (polyphagous) subfamilies (36.5%): Cryptinae, 294 spms. (35.5%); Pimplinae, 8 (1%). Koinobiont parasitoids, 10 subfamilies (63.5%): parasitoids of Symphyta, 313 spms. (37.9%): Tryphoninae, 225 (27.2%); Adelognathinae, 14 (1.7%); Ctenopelmatinae, 59 (7.2%); Campopleginae (Olesicampe; Lathrostizus), 15 (1.8%); parasitoids of Diptera, 169 spms. (20.5%): Diplazontinae, 8 (1%); Orthocentrinae s. l., 161 (19.5%); parasitoids of Lepidoptera, 29 spms. (3.5%): Campopleginae (part), 18 (2.2%) (Campoletis; Hyposoter; Tranosema; Diadegma; etc.); Ichneumoninae, 2 (0.2%); Banchinae, 3 (0.4%) (Glypta; Lissonota); Metopiinae, 6 (0.7%) (Exochus); parasitoids of Coleoptera (0.3%): Tersilochinae, 3 spms. (Barycnemis); hyperparasitoids (1.3%): Mesochorinae, 11 spms.


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