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Photoperiodic reaction in the beet webworm Loxostege sticticalis L. (Pyraloidea, Crambidae) from eastern and western parts of its Eurasian range


The beet webworm, Loxostege sticticalis L., is a very dangerous polyphagous insect pest whose outbreaks periodically occur in southern Russia and northern China. The aim of our work was to describe the photoperiodic response of beet webworm populations from western (Krasnodar Territory and Rostov Province) and eastern [Buryatia and China (Hebei Province)] parts of the pest range. The insects were reared under constant photoperiods of 12–18 h and constant temperatures of 19–25°C. Incidence of diapause at different photoperiods did not show any considerable geographic differences, and the critical day length at which 50% of prepupae arrested their development was about 14–15 h in all the populations studied at experimental temperatures. The results obtained agree with the hypothesis on the existence of an area (or areas) where the pest survives during adverse periods and wherefrom it spreads when an outbreak begins (Saulich et al., 1983; Goryshin et al., 1986). Presumably, the larger part of the pest native habitats (to the north of the steppe zone) is occupied by temporary populations, incapable of surviving for long periods without an inflow of migrants from more southerly steppe regions.

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