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Analysis of the taxonomic structure of the crane fly family Limoniidae (Diptera) based on the larval characters

  • N. P. KrivosheinaEmail author


A morphological study of the larval characters in the genera Elephantomyia, Helius, Microlimonia, Lipsothrix, and Teucholabis was conducted. Significant differences between Elephantomyia and Helius were discovered; Elephantomyia should be placed in the subfamily Hexatominae, while Helius cannot be assigned to any known subfamily. The genus Microlimonia has nothing in common with other representatives of the tribe Limoniini, and the genera Lipsothrix and Teucholabis, with those of Gonomyini; these genera cannot be included in any of the existing tribes. The presently accepted subdivision of the Limoniidae into 4 subfamilies does not reflect its actual diversity.


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