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Zonal types of host-parasite complexes of arthropods and small mammals in the west Siberian Plain


Comparative analysis of the composition, population structure, and landscape distribution of small mammals and associated parasitic arthropods was performed for the plain part of West Siberia. Four main zonal complexes were distinguished, corresponding to different landscape zones or subzones: tundra, forest, forest-steppe (the northern forest-steppe subzone), and steppe (the southern forest-steppe subzone and steppes). The parasite specificity of each complex is defined by different systematic and ecological groups of arthropods: the tundra complex is defined by epizoic gamasid mites (Acari: Parasitiformes: Mesostigmata), the forest and forest-steppe complexes are defined by ticks (Acari: Parasitiformes: Ixodides) and fleas (Insecta: Siphonaptera), and the steppe complex is defined by fleas and nidicolous gamasid mites.

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