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Selective Naked-Eye Fluorescein-Based Chemosensor for the Detection of Pd2+ Cations


Highly sensitive and selective chemosensor for the determination of palladium(II) cations based on diphenylphosphino derivative of N-aminofluorescein was synthesized. The Pd2+ ion detection is accompanied by a contrast chromogenic “naked-eye” effect of the bright red coloration of an acetonitrile solution and an increase in the fluorescence intensity by 88 times.

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This work was supported by the State task of RF for 2020 (Southern Federal University). E.N. Shepelenko and A.D. Dubonosov worked in the framework of the State task   of the Southern Scientific Center of the RAS no. 01201354239.

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  • fluorescein
  • palladium
  • chemosensor
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  • fluorescence