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Pleistocene Mammals from the Lang Trang Cave (Vietnam): New Data


The following mammal assemblage was identified among the materials collected in 2020 from the Pleistocene of the Lang Trang cave (northern Vietnam): the primates Pongo sp., Trachypithecus sp., Macaca cf. nemestrina (Linnaeus, 1766), and Macaca sp.; the carnivorans Arctonyx collaris rostratus Matthew et Granger, 1923 and Panthera sp.; the chiropteran Ia io Thomas, 1902; the rodent Hystrix kiangsenensis Wang, 1931; the proboscidean Elephas sp.; the perissodactyls Tapirus indicus (Desmarest, 1819) and Dicerorhinus sumatrensis (Fischer, 1814); the artiodactyls Sus scrofa Linnaeus, 1758, S. barbatus Müller, 1838, Tragulus kanchil (Raffles, 1821), Hydropotes inermis Swinhoe, 1870, Muntiacus muntjak (Zimmermann, 1780), Axis porcinus (Zimmermann, 1780), Rusa unicolor (Kerr, 1792), and Capricornis sumatraensis (Bechstein, 1799). Iio, S. barbatus, T. kanchil, H. inermis, and A. porcinus were detected in the Lang Trang fauna for the first time. The mammal assemblage is dominated by inhabitants of tropical forests (from lowlands to mountains), subtropical forms are also present.

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We are grateful to A.N. Kuznetsov, S.P. Kuznetsova, all Vietnamese colleagues (Joint Russian–Vietnamese Tropical Scientific and Technological Center), and A.A. Lozovsky (PIN) for assistance in the field works, as well as A.M. Kuznetsov and S.V. Bagirov (PIN) for assistance in the preparation of images.


This study was performed in the framework of the work of the Joint Russian–Vietnamese Tropical Scientific and Technological Center (Hanoi, Vietnam), research project E-1.4 “The Composition of the Fauna of Primates (Cercopithecidae, Pongidae) and Rodents (Rodentia) of the Pleistocene and Holocene of Vietnam as an Indicator of Environmental Change.”

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  • Mammalia
  • Primates
  • Carnivora
  • Chiroptera
  • Rodentia
  • Proboscidea
  • Perissodactyla
  • Artiodactyla
  • Pleistocene
  • Lang Trang cave
  • Vietnam