Influence of a 1000 Times Weakened Magnetic Field on Embryogenesis and Ontogenesis of the Japanese Quail in Several Generations


The paper presents experimental data on the influence of a 1000-fold weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field on the embryonic and postembryonic development of the Japanese quail in three generations. It has been shown that the weakening of the earth’s magnetic field by a factor of 1000 affects the formation of blood vessels in Japanese quail embryos, in particular, causing a decrease in angiogenesis in seven-day-old embryos of both the first generation (F1) and the next two ones (F2 and F3). Pathological and anatomical studies of embryos of different ages in three generations have revealed various pathologies associated with vascular system disorders, as well as disorders in the development of the beak and eyes. In the ontogenesis of F3 quails, there is a decrease in the hatchability of chicks.

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The study was performed in the framework of the basic topic no. 65-4 of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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  • 1000-fold weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field, embryonic development of the Japanese quail, Japanese quail embryos of different ages, angiogenesis