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On the possibility of long-time existence of submicron particles injected in elongated elliptical orbits with low perigee in the near-Earth space


On the basis of numerical experiments the theoretical possibility of long-time (longer than 1 month) and superlong-time (longer than 1 year) existence in orbit of technogenic microparticles (MPs) with radii of a few hundredths of a micrometer is demonstrated. MPs are injected into the near-Earth space (NES) in elongated elliptical low-perigee orbits with parameters, corresponding to Molniya satellite’s orbital parameters. Calculations were carried out taking into account disturbing effects on the MP orbital motion in NES of the following factors: the gravitational disturbance caused by polar oblateness of the Earth, the solar pressure force (calculated with using the techniques of the Mie theory), the drag force of a neutral component of background gas, as well as the electrodynamic forces caused by interaction of electric charge, induced on MPs, with the magnetic and electric fields of the NES.

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