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Ionospheric disturbances in the north-east region of Russia according to ionosonde data in the periods of equinoxes


Ionospheric disturbances in the equinox periods of 2005–2006 are considered on the basis of the ionosondes of vertical and oblique sounding located in the north-east region of Russia. It is found that the X-ray flares observed in the first half of September 2005 caused an additional increase in the ionization of the lower ionosphere in the daytime, this fact leading to a development of absorption and an increase in the lowest observable frequencies at the Magadan-Irkutsk and Noril’sk-Irkutsk radio paths. Wave-like changes in the maximum observable frequencies and critical frequencies with periods of about 2–2.5 h were detected during the magnetic disturbances. Oscillations of the planetary wave type with periods of 4–5 days were also revealed.

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