Relation between microcirculation parameters and Pc3 geomagnetic pulsations


An individual analysis of long-term monitoring of microcirculation parameters of nine healthy volunteers showed that an increase in the geomagnetic activity led to an increase in tissue perfusion, variability of blood flow and growth of the amplitude of neurogenic and myogenic oscillations in four volunteers. It was found that the degree of microcirculation sensitivity to the level of geomagnetic activity varies with time and is proportional to its average level in the period of measurement. A comparison of frequency ranges of oscillations of blood flow and variations of the geomagnetic activity shows that neurogenic and myogenic oscillations showing the highest sensitivity to the geomagnetic activity have the same frequency as geomagnetic Pc3 pulsations. The pulsations of this frequency range are excited mainly during geomagnetic disturbances, which may explain the correlation between the microcirculation parameters and the K p-index. The relation of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of Pc3-pulsations can explain the results obtained using Lednev’s model which treats the spins of hydrogen nuclei as a primary target of action for extremely weak alternating magnetic fields.

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geomagnetic activity


laser Doppler flowmetry


microcirculation index


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  • microcirculation
  • geomagnetic activity
  • Pc3-pulsations