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A New Enzyme Preparation Containing Polysaccharide Monooxygenase and β-Glucosidase—Synergistic Additives to Cellulases


Based on the recipient strain of Penicillium verruculosum B1-537 (ΔniaD) using the promoter of the cellobiohydrolase I gene, a producer of homologous lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase (PMO) and heterologous β-glucosidase Aspergillus niger (BG), auxiliary enzymes for the “basic” cellulase complex consisting of endoglucanases and cellobiohydrolase, was obtained. The enzyme preparation PMO–BG was obtained, containing 34% PMO and 43% BG, which was used as a source of auxiliary enzymes that increase the effectiveness of basic cellulases P. verruculosum by 20–100% in the bioconversion of various types of cellulose-containing raw materials: microcrystalline cellulose, pretreated with alkali common reed and semi-bleached sulfate hardwood pulp of Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill JSC.

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The authors thank the staff of the Center for Collective Use Industrial Biotechnologies of the Federal Research Center for Biotechnology, Russian Academy of Sciences.


The study was carried out within the State Law for Research and Development of Moscow State University AAAA-A21-121011290089-4.

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