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Antimicrobial Peptides Produced by Alkaliphilic Fungi Emericellopsis alkalina: Biosynthesis and Biological Activity Against Pathogenic Multidrug-Resistant Fungi


The ability of 22 strains of the Emericellopsis alkalina species to synthesize the antimicrobial peptaiboles A118-35, A118-36, and A118-37 with antifungal activity was studied. The ability to synthesize peptaibols is typical for 72% of the studied strains of the species. It was established that peptaibol production is a strain-specific feature and depends on the cultivation conditions and the concentration of sugars and carbon sources. The isolated peptaibol A118-37 was active against opportunistic Candida albicans yeast and Apergillus niger mold fungus, as well as against clinical fungal isolates of mycosis pathogens with multiple resistance.

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  • antimicrobial peptides
  • micromycetes of the Emericellopsis genus
  • peptaibols
  • biological activity
  • pathogenic fungi
  • multiple resistance