Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology

, Volume 54, Issue 2, pp 128–140 | Cite as

Endophytic Bacteria as Effective Agents of New-Generation Biopesticides (Review)

  • I. V. Maksimov
  • T. I. Maksimova
  • E. R. Sarvarova
  • D. K. Blagova
  • V. O. Popov


In this review, the data on endophytic bacteria with protective properties are covered, and their characteristics and species composition are discussed. The mechanisms of fungicidal and insecticidal activities, including the synthesis of lipopeptides, siderophores, and hydrolases, systemic resistance induction, and the production of insecto-toxic compounds, are analyzed. Possible methods for the production of complex biological preparations are considered; the preparations are based on endophytic microorganisms and would protect plants from both pathogens and pests. The means of extending their activity spectrum via the combination of different strains or the construction of new recombinant endophytic strains by genetic engineering techniques are also considered.


plant protection plant growth-promoting microorganisms endophytes pathogens systemic resistance of plants 


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