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Multipliers of Absolute Convergence

  • V. Sh. TsagareishviliEmail author
  • G. TutberidzeEmail author


The paper deals with sequences of positive numbers (dn) such that, multiplying the Fourier coefficients (Cn(f)) of functions from given function classes by these numbers, one obtains a convergent series of the form \(\sum {{\rm{|}}{C_n}(f){{\rm{|}}^p}{d_n}, 1 \le p < 2} \). It is established that the resulting conditions cannot be strengthened in a certain sense. The results of the paper imply, in particular, some well-known results for trigonometric Fourier series.


convergence Fourier coefficients sequence of numbers 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Tbilisi State UniversityTbilisiGeorgia

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