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Hartley Sets and Injectors of a Finite Group

  • N. T. Vorob’evEmail author
  • T. B. KaraulovaEmail author


By a Fitting set of a group G one means a nonempty set of subgroups \(\mathscr{F}\) of a finite group G which is closed under taking normal subgroups, their products, and conjugations of subgroups. In the present paper, the existence and conjugacy of \(\mathscr{F}\) -injectors of a partially π-solvable group G is proved and the structure of \(\mathscr{F}\)-injectors is described for the case in which \(\mathscr{F}\) is a Hartley set of G.


finite group Fitting set π-solvable group injector 


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  1. 1.Vitebsk State UniversityVitebskBelarus

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