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Clouds as Manifestation of Wave Disturbance above Mountain Ridges


Eleven photographs of clouds observed above the mountains of the Southern Crimea on March 24, 2011, in the time period from 17:40 to 18:10 are analyzed. Based on the results of photography from different sides and altitude levels, as well as theoretical and experimental studies of similar situations, the assumption that clouds existed in the crests of waves arising when an air stream was flowing over the mountains is verified. The estimated values of the height, length, and vertical depth of the clouds led to the conclusion that these clouds had a wave nature.

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The article was written in memory of recently deceased Moscow astronomer, teacher, and photographer Vitaly Aleksandrovich Romeiko. The article uses his photographs and comments, as well as P.A. Dalin’s coordinate referencing of one of the images and valuable advice given by N.N. Pertsev in discussions. The author is deeply grateful to all for their assistance.

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  • atmospheric physics
  • clouds
  • hydrodynamics
  • modeling
  • airflow over mountains
  • Lyra scale