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Unconventional magnetoresistance in long InSb nanowires

  • Condensed Matter
  • Published:
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Magnetoresistance in long correlated nanowires of degenerate semiconductor InSb in asbestos matrix (wire diameter of around 5 nm, length 0.1–1 mm) is studied in the temperature range 2.3–300 K. At zero magnetic field, the electric conduction G and the current-voltage characteristics of such wires obey the power laws GT α, IV β, expected for one-dimensional electron systems. The effect of the magnetic field corresponds to a 20% growth of the exponents α, β at H = 10 T. The observed magnetoresistance is caused by the magnetic-field-induced breaking of the spin-charge separation and represents a novel mechanism of magnetoresistance.

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