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Instability of linearly polarized lasing modes of a single-mode VCSEL

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Conditions of stability of linearly polarized lasing modes are analyzed within the framework of the spin-flip theory of VCSELs over a wide range of parameters in relation to the linear dichroism and linear birefringence introduced into the system by an optically anisotropic semiconductor crystal.

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Translated from Optika i Spektroskopiya, Vol. 94, No. 1, 2003, pp. 81–89.

Original Russian Text Copyright © 2003 by Golubev, Zernova, Giacobino.

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Golubev, Y.M., Zernova, T.Y. & Giacobino, E. Instability of linearly polarized lasing modes of a single-mode VCSEL. Opt. Spectrosc. 94, 75–82 (2003). https://doi.org/10.1134/1.1540204

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  • Semiconductor Laser
  • Lasing Mode
  • Abscissa Axis
  • Laser Level
  • Stability Pattern