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Scientific and Technological Bases for Developing Cold-Resistant Steel with a Guaranteed Yield Strength of 315–750 MPa for Arctic Conditions. Part 1: Alloying Principles and Requirements for Sheet Product Structure

  • O. V. SychEmail author

Abstract—The results obtained upon choosing rational alloying and microalloying for cold-resistant steels with a guaranteed yield strength of 315–750 MPa on the basis of established interrelations between phase transformations, structure, mechanical properties, serviceability parameters, and the content of main alloying elements are presented. Quantitative requirements for various structural parameters and their maximum permissible difference throughout sheet product thickness up to 100 mm have been developed, depending on the strength category and manufacturing technology (thermomechanical treatment with accelerated cooling, quenching from separate furnace heating or rolling heating with high temperature tempering) to provide guaranteed characteristics of strength, cold resistance (impact energy KV at a testing temperature from –60 to –80°С, critical ductile-to-brittle transition temperature Тkb, and nil ductility temperature NDT), and crack resistance according to the criterion of critical crack tip opening displacement (CTOD).


low-alloy steel economically alloyed steel Arc index thermomechanical treatment quenching quenching from rolling heating tempering mechanical properties cold resistance serviceability crack resistance structure parameters ferrite bainite martensite 



This work was partly supported within the scope of the project “Arctic Steel” according to state contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation no. 16411.1810190019.09.003 of October 20, 2016.


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