Optimizing the Properties of an Alumina Support of Hydrotreating Catalysts by Introducing Boron and Sulfur at the Stage of Obtaining Pseudoboehmite by Hydrothermal Treatment of the Product Produced by Flash Calcination of Gibbsite

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The problem of optimizing the textural characteristics and chemical composition of the alumina support of a vacuum gasoil hydrotreating catalyst is considered. The catalyst is synthesized using the state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technology of flash calcination of gibbsite. Ways of increasing its specific surface area by introducing inorganic additives containing boron or sulfur at the stage of synthesizing boehmite with needle-shaped particles are developed. It is established that introducing such modifiers raises SBET by 50–100 m2/g, relative to the maximum values that can be attained by varying the standard parameters of hydrothermal treatment. It is shown that introducing boron at the stage of boehmite synthesis improves the catalytic activity of CoNiMoP catalyst in the hydrodesulfurization and hydrodenitrogenation of vacuum gasoil by two or more times, relative to a similar catalyst doped with boron from an impregnating solution.

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  • flash calcination
  • pseudoboehmite
  • alumina
  • aluminum borate
  • hydrotreating
  • vacuum gasoil