On countable unions of nonmeager sets in hereditarily Lindelöf spaces

  • Vitalij A. Chatyrko
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It is well known that any Vitali set on the real line ℝ does not possess the Baire property. The same is valid for finite unions of Vitali sets. What can be said about infinite unions of Vitali sets? Let S be a Vitali set, S r be the image of S under the translation of ℝ by a rational number r and F = {S r : r is rational}. We prove that for each non-empty proper subfamily F′ of F the union ∪F′ does not possess the Baire property. We say that a subset A of ℝ possesses Vitali property if there exist a non-empty open set O and a meager set M such that AO \ M. Then we characterize those non-empty proper subfamilies F′ of F which unions ∪F′ possess the Vitali property.

Key words

Vitali set Baire property Vitali property 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of MathematicsLinkoping UniversityLinkopingSweden

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