Contemporary Problems of Ecology

, Volume 1, Issue 6, pp 682–686 | Cite as

Individual sensitivity of Larix sibirica L. in open woodland of the Shira forest-steppe

  • I. V. TikhonovaEmail author
  • O. A. Stolyarova


Some indices of individual variability in annual growth of Siberian larch in open woodlands of Khakassia are compared. In the Shira forest-steppe the Siberian larch exhibits high sensitivity of annual growth and diverse responses to changes in vegetative conditions. Stabilizing selection maintains dominance of trees with moderately sensitive annual growth. Such trees are the most vital. It has been shown that the adaptive norm of population’s response and the individual variability of annual growth positively correlate with the total annual precipitation. The sensitivity index of annual growth is a better indicator of the genetic structure of the population than the coefficient of variability of annual growth indices.

Key words

variability of annual tree-ring width aridity resistance 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Sukachev Institute of ForestSiberian Branch of the RASKrasnoyarskRussia

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