Stress and the thyroid gland

  • L. I. NadolnikEmail author


The review highlights the effects of acute and chronic stress on thyroid gland metabolism. Special attention is paid to the influence of stress and the direct effects of glucocorticoids on the thyroid status, the activities of thyrocytes, iodine uptake, its oxidation and organification as well as peripheral metabolism of thyroid hormones (deposition and transport of thyroid hormones, deiodinase activities in different tissues). The role of stress in the development of thyroid pathology is analyzed and characteristic features of thyroid function alterations during impaired functioning of the pituitary-adrenal system are established. Taking into consideration serious consequences of thyroid deficiency for the body, even in subclinical thyroid insufficiency, the mechanisms of the stress-induced impairments in thyroid functions are of interest for further studies.


stress glucocorticoids thyroid gland thyroid hormones iodine absorption and organification deiodinases 


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