Polymer Science Series C

, Volume 58, Issue 1, pp 93–101 | Cite as

Polymer composites with surface modified SiO2 nanoparticles: Structures, properties, and promising applications

  • O. A. SerenkoEmail author
  • A. M. Muzafarov


Data from recent studies of polymer composites with nanosized silica particles are considered. A comparative analysis of current approaches to the description of concentration changes in the glass-transition temperatures of these systems is performed. The morphology of the surface layer in materials with nanoparticles and its effect on the characteristics of materials are discussed. The surface layer of a composite is represented as a shell including both the polymer and the external part of the filler. A conditional division between the functions of the external layer and the nanoparticle core makes it possible to determine in a first approximation which characteristics of the matrix and the filler have an effect on the properties of nanocomposites.


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