Regular and Chaotic Dynamics

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Degenerate billiards in celestial mechanics

On the 70th Birthday of Nikolai N. Nekhoroshev Special Memorial Issue. Part 2


In an ordinary billiard trajectories of a Hamiltonian system are elastically reflected after a collision with a hypersurface (scatterer). If the scatterer is a submanifold of codimension more than one, we say that the billiard is degenerate. Degenerate billiards appear as limits of systems with singularities in celestial mechanics. We prove the existence of trajectories of such systems shadowing trajectories of the corresponding degenerate billiards. This research is motivated by the problem of second species solutions of Poincaré.


Hamiltonian system billiard celestial mechanics collision regularization shadowing action functional 


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  2. 2.V.A. Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia

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