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Formation of Water Soluble and Stable Amorphous Ternary System: Ibuprofen/β-Cyclodextrin/PVP

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The aim of this work is to investigate the solubility enhancement of ibuprofen by formation of stable amorphous ternary system (ibuprofen, polyvinylpyrrolidon, β-cyclodextrin) compared to the binary system (ibuprofen, β-cyclodextrin). Ibuprofen was co-milled at ambient temperature in presence of PVP K30 and β‑cyclodextrin. The characterization of obtained mixtures was carried out using X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, scanning electronic microscope, differential scanning calorimetry and spectroscopy (1H/13C). The dissolution test was carried out in order to evaluate the release rate profiles of ibuprofen in the prepared mixtures. A thermodynamically stable and water-soluble ternary system was obtained, the released amount of ibuprofen in the ternary system increased considerably in comparison to the pure drug. These results highlighted the effect of PVP which enhanced the aqueous solubility of the binary system ibuprofen/β-cyclodextrin in solid state by reinforcing intermolecular interactions and improving complexing abilities of β‑cyclodextrin.

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The authors thank Pr. Descamps (UMET, France) for his considerable inputs and helpful discussions. On the other hand, the authors confirmed that this research work did not receive any specific funding.

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  • ibuprofen
  • solubility enhancement
  • PVP K30
  • β-cyclodextrin
  • stable amorphous ternary system