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V. V. Beloussov and Geophysics: A Tribute on His 110th Birth Anniversary

  • L. I. IogansonEmail author
  • E. A. Rogozhin


The contribution made by V.V. Beloussov (1907–1990), an outstanding Earth scientist in the former Soviet Union and Russia, to the development of planetary geophysics is considered. Beloussov was a brilliant coordinator of international cooperation and direct inspirer of international scientific programs of paramount importance. He took up one of the key positions in organizing and holding the International Geophysical Year (IGY) in 1957–1958. In 1960, Beloussov was elected President of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics and proposed the project “The upper mantle and its influence on the Earth’s crust,” which subsequently became known worldwide as the Upper Mantle Project. The project underlined that the experience of the IGY should be extended to studies of the deep structure of the Earth and the processes taking place in the Earth’s interior. The fulfillment of this and the subsequent Geodynamic project resulted in a breakthrough in the knowledge about the deep structure of the Earth, particularly the structure of the oceans. Beloussov actively advocated integrating science of the Earth, geonomy, and in his scientific research sought a geonomic approach incorporating the entire complex of geological, geophysical, and geochemical data. Beloussov’s scientific heritage contains propositions that are of current importance and can be involved in modern developments of the Earth sciences.


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