Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry

, Volume 45, Issue 6, pp 488–504 | Cite as

Quorum Sensing Inhibition: Current Advances of the Natural Antimicrobial Agents

  • M. AsifEmail author
  • M. Imran


The misuses of antimicrobials in infectious diseases have led to the progress of extensive resistance in the infectious organisms. The failure of accessible antimicrobials to control infections makes it essential to discover alternatives to currently existing drugs. Their connection to infectious diseases and their natural ability to increase antimicrobial resistance in microbes, has led to platforms for research focused on new techniques to control them. Pathogenicity in many bacteria is regulated by quorum sensing (QS). Inhibition of QS system may cause reduction of virulence and protect against bacterial infections. These bacteria rely on chemical communication (or QS) to coordinate activities necessary for their survival in groups by some course of action. Their dependence on QS has made those signaling systems within bacteria an attractive target for the design of new anti-infective agents. Compounds that can interrupt these processes are known as QS inhibitors. The QS is the key regulator of virulence in various bacteria. Various plant extracts and their chemical constituents exhibited their effects on bacterial virulence factors by inhibiting QS genes and QS-controlled factors and effects on bacterial growth. The anti-QS approach is a promising one in the fight against infections pathogens, thereby making the bacteria more susceptible to traditional antimicrobials. The QS inhibitors (QSI) may provide the newest weapon against infections involving drug-resistant bacterial strains. These QSIs come from a variety of sources and have a wide array of structures.


quorum sensing inhibition bacterial communication antibacterial agents 



The work has no studies involving humans or animals as subjects of the study.

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