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Radionuclide Diagnostics of the Sorption Using the 224Ra Subfamily and α-Ray Spectrometry

  • N. D. BetenekovEmail author


A method was suggested for radionuclide diagnostics of the sorption using the 224Ra subfamily and α-ray spectrometry. The method allows the diffusion in transport pores to be distinguished from the diffusion in a regular crystalline body. The possibilities of the method were illustrated by the example of a system consisting of a thin layer of manganese hydroxide deposited on three different kinds of support (cellulose triacetate, polyethylene, polyimide 66 in the form of flat discs 24 mm in diameter) and an aqueous 224Ra solution. A joint study of the kinetics of the Ra sorption and characteristics of α-ray spectra of samples of 224Ra sorbed onto thin-layer manganese hydroxide and of its daughter radionuclides (energy resolution and emanating ability of α-ray sources) allows the steps of external diffusion in a laminar liquid flow on the surface of sorbent granules, diffusion in transport pores, and diffusion in a regular crystalline body to be clearly distinguished in time.


sorption diffusion radium manganese hydroxide α-ray spectrometry degree of emanation energy resolution distribution coefficient 


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  1. 1.Yeltsin Ural Federal UniversityYekaterinburgRussia

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