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Nuclear Chemical Effects in the Paragenetic Mineral Association Based on Polycrase

  • M. Hosseinpour Khanmiri
  • R. V. BogdanovEmail author


A natural polymineral compound in which the major uranium-containing mineral is polycrase (Ti- Ta-niobate) described by the formula АВ2О6 was chosen as a model for studying the behavior of recoil atoms produced by α-decay of actinides. Polycrase, despite its metamict structure, is characterized by the following features distinguishing it from Ti-Ta-niobates of the formula А2В2О7 (pyrochlore and betafite): (1) 1/3 of uranium atoms preserve the initial valence state, U(IV); (2) the U(IV) fraction is characterized by the isotope activity ratio AR(234U/238U) close to that at secular equilibrium; (3) the uranium atoms that underwent oxidation “memorize” their radiogenic origin; as a result, the AR(234U/238U) ratio in the U(VI) fraction is 0.90, and in the most altered part of the mineral it decreases to 0.77; (4) the parent uranium is relatively stable in the metamict structure of polycrase: The half-leaching time for 238U atoms is 2 times longer than that in betafite, zircon, or sphene.


metamict minerals titano-tantalo-niobates uranium and thorium isotopes chemical effects of α-decay mineral-like HLW matrices actinide immobilization incongruent dissolution 


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