Developing Methods for Wet Chemical Etching of a Separation Mesa Structure during Creation of Multijunction Solar Cells


The postgrowth processing of mesa structures for multijunction solar cells based on GaInP/GaInAs/Ge heterostructure has been studied. Methods of wet chemical and electrochemical etching are considered, and a technology of forming a separation mesa structure is proposed that ensures improved surface quality and profile of the side wall of a mesa for heterostructures with various compositions of layers.

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Correspondence to A. V. Malevskaya.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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Translated by P. Pozdeev

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Malevskaya, A.V., Il’inskaya, N.D. & Andreev, V.M. Developing Methods for Wet Chemical Etching of a Separation Mesa Structure during Creation of Multijunction Solar Cells. Tech. Phys. Lett. 45, 1230–1232 (2019).

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  • multijunction solar cell
  • heterostructure
  • etching
  • mesa structure.