Nondestructive Control of the Surface, Layers, and Charge Carrier Concentration on SiC Substrates and Structures

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Silicon carbide substrates and epitaxial structures are investigated by nondestructive contactless methods. Parameters of the disrupted surface layer and roughnesses are determined using ellipsometry and atomic force microscopy. The free charge carrier concentration is determined by IR spectroscopy. The thicknesses in the multilayer epitaxial structure on SiC are determined using IR spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy.

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Correspondence to M. F. Panov.

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The authors claim that there are no conflicts of interest.

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Translated by N. Wadhwa

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Markov, A.V., Panov, M.F., Rastegaev, V.P. et al. Nondestructive Control of the Surface, Layers, and Charge Carrier Concentration on SiC Substrates and Structures. Tech. Phys. 64, 1774–1779 (2019).

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