Technical Physics

, Volume 59, Issue 10, pp 1545–1549 | Cite as

Deposition of transparent indium tin oxide electrodes by magnetron sputtering of a metallic target on a cold substrate

  • L. P. Amosova
  • M. V. Isaev
Physical Electronics


Indium tin oxide layers with a surface resistance of 50 Ω/□ and a transmission in the visible range of up to 100% are obtained by magnetron sputtering of a metallic target on a cold substrate without ion enhancement of deposition and subsequent annealing. It is shown that the above parameters of the layers can be achieved in a wide range of oxygen partial pressures by controlling the deposition rate and in a wide range of deposition rates by controlling the oxygen partial pressure. An unambiguous dependence of the deposition rate on the oxygen partial pressure in the chamber is constructed.


Deposition Rate Oxygen Partial Pressure Magnetron Sputtering Indium Oxide Metallic Target 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics, and OpticsSt. PetersburgRussia

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