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Tribological properties of dry, fluid, and boundary friction

Surface, Electron and Ion Emission


A friction pair is studied under lubricant-free dry friction, hydrodynamic, and boundary lubricant conditions. It is shown that, in dry friction, the number of harmonics in the time dependence of the coordinate of the lower rubbing block decreases with increasing frequency of an applied periodic action until the interacting surfaces stick when a critical frequency is exceeded. The surfaces then move together. The behavior of a friction pair with a lubricant made of a Newtonian fluid, pseudoplastic fluid, or dilatant non-Newtonian fluid is analyzed in the hydrodynamic case. It is found that a pseudoplastic fluid or a boundary lubricant leads a intermittent (stick-slip) friction mode, which is one of the main causes of fracture of rubbing parts, over a wide parametric range.


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