Physics of the Solid State

, Volume 60, Issue 12, pp 2408–2417 | Cite as

The Nonuniversality of the Frequency Dependence of the Conductivity in Disordered Nanogranulated Systems

  • M. A. OrmontEmail author
  • I. P. Zvyagin


The real part of the high-frequency phononless conductivity is calculated in the pair approximation for a disordered array of densely packed spherical nanogranules. The generalization of the theory of phononless conductivity for systems with point impurities to systems with localized finite sizes (arrays of nanogranules or quantum dots) reveals that the high-frequency conductivity depends on the distribution function of the distances between the surfaces of granules P(w). This is expected to cause the discrepancy of the real part of the conductivity σ1(ω) from the linear frequency dependence. In the vicinity of the frequency ω ~ ωc = 2I0/\(\hbar \) (here I0 is a preexponential factor of the resonance integral) for disordered granulated systems is likely to deviate from the universality σ1(ω) ~ ωs (s ≈ 1) due to the attenuation of the frequency dependence σ1(ω) of the conductivity and its nonmonotonicity. The nonmonotonicity of σ1(ω) must arise at lower frequencies as a result of decreased preexponential factor I0 of the resonance integral with increasing granule size.



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