Dependence of the Surface Morphology and Structure of CuIn0.95Ga0.05Se2 Films on the Selenization Temperature


Depending on the choice of the technology for producing CuInxGa1 – xSe2 films, a spread in the electrophysical and photoelectric parameters of photoconverters is observed, which is primarily related to the microstructure formed in the films and their phase composition. The investigation of phase-separation processes and the formation of a single-phase CuInxGa1 – xSe2 film is a key element in fabricating high-quality absorbing layers. In the study, CuIn0.95Ga0.05Se2 thin films are obtained by the two-stage selenization method of previously synthesized copper−indium−gallium layers of different thickness in the temperature range of 350°C ≤ T ≤ 550°C. The surface morphology, chemical composition, and structure of the synthesized CuIn0.95Ga0.05Se2 films are investigated via scanning electron microscopy, X-ray powder diffraction, and X-ray fluorescence. It is established that the synthesized films are polycrystalline and have a developed surface with an average crystallite size of 50–140 nm. On the basis of statistical analysis of the electron-microscopy data, the lowest temperature of the onset of the selenization process and the smallest required thickness of the metal layer for the formation of a continuous thin film CuIn0.95Ga0.05Se2 are determined. The obtained films can be used as the active photosensitive layer in highly efficient solar-radiation converters.

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Correspondence to Z. V. Shomakhov.

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Translated by V. Bukhanov

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Gadzhiev, T.M., Aliev, M.A., Asvarov, A.S. et al. Dependence of the Surface Morphology and Structure of CuIn0.95Ga0.05Se2 Films on the Selenization Temperature. Semiconductors 53, 1992–1998 (2019).

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  • photocells
  • thin films
  • technological process
  • selenization, surface
  • distribution
  • film structure
  • CIGS