Coherent effects in the incoherent channel of resonant radiation scattering from excited atoms

  • B. A. VeklenkoEmail author
Atoms, Molecules, Optics


Scattering of a resonance electromagnetic field from excited atoms cannot be described by the semiclassical theory of radiation operating with nonquantized electromagnetic fields. Field quantization effects are manifested in this case on the macroscopic level and lead to evolution of statistical properties of radiation in the course of scattering. It is found that a combined process coupling elastic scattering from an atom and induced emission from the same atom, which cannot be studied by the methods of the standard perturbation theory, plays a significant role in this effect. The process of combined scattering in extended media exhibits coherent properties that cannot be described by the standard refractive index.


Excited Medium Excited Atom Coherent Scattering Poynting Vector Resonant Scattering 
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  1. 1.Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University)MoscowRussia

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