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, Volume 45, Issue 9, pp 580–592 | Cite as

Kinematics of Hot Subdwarfs from the Gaia DR2 Catalogue

  • V. V. BobylevEmail author
  • A. T. Bajkova


We have studied the kinematic properties of the candidates for hot subdwarfs (HSDs) selected by Geier et al. from theGaiaDR2 catalogue. We have used a total of 12 515 stars with relative trigonometric parallax errors less than 30%. The HSDs are shown to have different kinematics, depending on their positions on the celestial sphere. For example, the sample of low-latitude (|b| < 20°) HSDs rotates around the Galactic center with a linear velocity V0 = 221 ± 5 km s−1. This suggests that they belong to the Galactic thin disk. At the same time, they lag behind the local standard of rest by ΔV ~ 16 km s−1 due to the asymmetric drift. The high-latitude (|b| ≥ 20°) HSDs rotate with a considerably lower velocity, V = 168 ± 6 km s−1. Their lagging behind the local standard of rest is already ΔV ∼ 40 km s−1. Based on the entire sample of 12 515 HSDs, we have found a positive rotation around the x axis significantly differing from zero with an angular velocity ω1 = 1.36±0.24 km s−1 kpc−1. We have studied the samples of HSDs that are complete within r < 1.5 kpc. Based on them, we have traced the evolution of the parameters of the residual velocity ellipsoid as a function of both latitude |b| and coordinate |z|. The following vertical disk scale heights have been found: h = 180 ± 6 and 290 ± 10 pc from the low- and high-latitude HSDs, respectively. A new estimate of the local stellar density Σout = 53 ± 4 M☉ kpc−2 has been obtained for zout = 0.56 kpc from the high-latitude HSDs.


kinematics hot subdwarfs vertical disk scale height thin disk thick disk Galactic structure 


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We are grateful to the referees for the useful remarks that contributed to an improvement of the paper.


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