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XHIP-II: Clusters and associations

  • Ch. FrancisEmail author
  • E. Anderson



In the absence of complete kinematic data it has not previously been possible to furnish accurate lists of member stars for all moving groups. There has been an unresolved dispute concerning the apparent inconsistency of the Hipparcos parallax distance to the Pleiades.


To find improved candidate lists for clusters and associations represented among Hipparcos stars, to establish distances, and to cast light on the Pleiades distance anomaly.


We use a six dimensional fitting procedure to identify candidates, and plot CMDs for 20 of the nearest groups. We calculate the mean parallax distance for all groups.


We have identified lists of candidates and calculated parallax distances for 42 clusters and 45 associations represented within the Hipparcos catalogue. We find agreement between parallax distance and photometric distances for the most important clusters. For single stars in the Pleiades we find mean parallax distance 125.6 ± 4.2 pc and photometric distance 132 ± 3 pc calibrated to nearby groups of similar in age and composition. This gives no reason to doubt either the Hipparcos database or stellar evolutionary theory.


Open clusters and associations solar neighbourhood 


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