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, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp 154–170 | Cite as

Fine core-jet structure of the galaxy M87

  • L. I. MatveyenkoEmail author
  • S. V. Seleznev


The fine core-jet structure of the radio galaxy M87 has been investigated in the millimeter-decimeter wave band. A counterjet whose extent is ρ(λ) ≈ 0.036λ pc, where the wavelength λ is expressed in centimeters, has been identified. At a wavelength of 2 cm, the brightness of the jet and counterjet decreases exponentially to the minimally detectable level. However, the decline for the jet slows down from a level of several percent of the peak value. The bipolar jet consists of a highly collimated relativistic plasma flow surrounded by a nonrelativistic low-velocity component. The low-velocity jet flow includes a helical component observable up to a distance of 20 mas or 1.6 pc. The reaction of the flow produces a multimode precession responsible for the helical shape of the relativistic jet with a variable pitch and a curved axis. The helical structures of the jet and counterjet are mirror reflections of each other relative to the ejector. The apparent size of the accretion disk seen edge-on reaches 1.5 mas or 0.12 pc.


active galactic nuclei jets 


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