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, Volume 35, Issue 4, pp 241–246 | Cite as

On the possible observational manifestation of the impact of a supernova shock on the neutron star magnetosphere



The impact of a supernova explosion on the magnetosphere of a neutron star in a massive binary system is considered. The supernova shock impact on a plasma-filled neutron star magnetosphere can give rise to a long magnetospheric tail with a considerable store of magnetic energy. Magnetic reconnection in the formed current sheet can transform the magnetic energy stored in the tail into the kinetic energy of charged particles. The plasma instabilities excited by beams of accelerated relativistic particles can lead to the formation of a short pulse of coherent radio emission with parameters similar to those measured for the bright extragalactic millisecond radio burst detected in 2007.

Key words

supernovae pulsars radiation mechanisms 

PACS numbers

97.60.Bw 97.60.Gb 95.30.Gv 


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© Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. 2009

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Sternberg Astronomical InstituteMoscowRussia

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