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, Volume 63, Issue 11, pp 877–890 | Cite as

Search for Fast Radio Bursts in the Direction of the Galaxies M31 and M33

  • V. A. FedorovaEmail author
  • A. E. RodinEmail author


The results of a search for individual fast radio bursts with the Large Phased Antenna of the Lebedev Physical Institute at 111 MHz during July 2012 through August 2018 are presented. The signals were distinguished by convolving the data with a template with a fixed form, followed by convolution with test dispersion measures. Areas of sky containing the galaxies M31 and M33 were chosen for the search. Three radio bursts were detected in the vicinity of M33, five in the vicinity of M31, and one in a region offset from the center of M31 by an hour in right ascension. The dispersion measures of the detected bursts range from 203 to 1262 pc/cm3.


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We thank the Director of the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory R.D. Dagkesamanskii and the Assistant Director V.V. Oreshko for discussions of this paper that have led to its improvement.


V. A. Fedorova was partially funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant 16-29-13074).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory, Astro Space CenterLebedev Physical InstitutePushchino, Moscow regionRussia

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